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Enormous thanks to everyone who became involved with the 'Big Ockley Get Together' on the Green on Saturday 15th July. Despite some murky weather on the day, we raised a fantastic £1353.
The whole event was put together by a team of crazy but dedicated people in just five weeks. That might sound a long time but when many potential stall holders and attractions have long been pre booked, and with a team who have full time jobs, this was a little bit of a challenge. We were so pleased with the support that we received, thank you again! The date did clash with some other local events but any weekend in peak summer will always have something competing with it.

A special thank you to the generous donators of the many and varied raffle prizes. Thanks to those stall holders who put something together at very short notice and grateful thanks to the many people who came along and gave a hand on the day.
The aim of day was to get people together, to raise awareness for the proposed Free School and to raise funds. You will be aware by now that areScott Broadwood has closed in Ockley for the last time and that 170 years of education in the village has come to an end – for now. A dedicated group determined to try and form a new school in its place. Our targets is to apply for, and set up, a Free School using the former school buildings. But it won't be any old school but simply the best infant school going. This means understanding what features prospective parents seek out and incorporating them into the plan so that the majority of Ockley children will be educated in this here rather than at a school in a neighbouring village.
Money needs to be raised to get the application off the ground. All funds for the school are held in a special bank account which is overseen by a body of Trustees, comprising of Gordon Lee-Steere, Barry Thomson and Dick Thomas. If the bid is ultimately unsuccessful then all remaining funds will be distributed back into the village.
All this will take time, effort, enthusiasm, money and the support of the community. We want to keep Ockley alive and need the community to help do that. There will be more events, we are currently thinking of one before Christmas and a bigger and better Village Day next summer. Meanwhile, if you would like to become involved with ideas or help in any way, please do get in touch: ockleyschool@gmail.com          

SCC report finds that "The feedback to the consultation was largelyin support of the proposed closure of the Ockley site; in total two-thirds (66.7%) of respondents expressed agreement with the proposal." (Item 16)

You can read the full report at this link.

We will be open and ready for you all at 10am and the show will go on until around 2pm!

We are very excited to bring to you some of the finest local produce around! We will have the famous Norbury Blue and Dirty Vicar cheeses. Grass fed lamb from Lingfield. Chalkhills bakery breads. White lodge farm with bacon, sausages, gammon, ham and pork. Jam packed will be bringing hand stirred jams, chutneys and honey. Pimpernel fisheries with fresh fish, cooked crabs and lobsters from Salcombe. Etherly farm poultry and eggs. Surrey hills coffee. Big blue cow biltong. Made scents handmade candles. Anila's Indian sauces and chutneys. Surrey pasties sausage rolls. Ockley florists. Sussex charmer cheeses. Firebird brewery. S and s patisserie fresh fruit tarts and pastries.

This is the first instalment which will continue on the first Sunday of each month offering a variety of different products so please come down and show support to local businesses!!

You will find us next door to Village green farm shop on Coles lane in Ockley!